HP Deskjet 5650 Printer series - printer is slow

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printer is slow

Several variables can slow the printer's performance.

multiple software applications are open

The computer does not have sufficient resources for the printer to print at its optimum

To increase printer speed, close all unnecessary software applications when printing.

complex documents, graphics, or photographs are printing

Documents containing graphics or photographs print slower than text documents.

If your computer does not have enough memory or disk space to print the document under
normal conditions, you can use Low Memory Mode. Using this option may reduce the
quality of the printout. Low Memory Mode also disables 4800 x 1200 optimized dpi printing.

To activate Low Memory Mode:

1. Open the

Printer Properties

dialog box.

2. Click the


tab, then click the

Advanced Features


3. Select

Low Memory Mode


4. Print the document.

best or maximum dpi print mode is selected

The printer prints slower when



Maximum dpi

is selected as the print quality. To

increase the printer speed, select a different

print quality


printer driver is outdated

An outdated printer driver may be installed.

For information about updating the printer driver, click



automatic paper type option is enabled

When the automatic paper type option is enabled, it takes a few seconds for the printer to
scan the first page of the print job to determine the appropriate paper type.

To increase the print speed, turn off the

Automatic Paper-Type Sensor


two-sided documents are printing

Printing two-sided documents takes more time than printing single-sided documents.

To increase speed, open the

Advanced Features

dialog box, then move the

Dry Time





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computer does not meet system requirements

If your computer does not have enough RAM or a large amount of free space on the hard
drive, the printer processing time will be longer.

1. Verify that the computer's hard disk space, RAM, and processor speed meet




2. Free up space on the hard drive.

printer is in ink-backup mode

The printer may print more slowly if it is in

ink-backup mode


To increase the print speed, use two print cartridges in the printer.

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