HP Deskjet 5650 Printer series - print quality is poor

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print quality is poor

streaks and missing lines

If your printed pages are missing lines or dots or if streaks appear, the print cartridges
may be

low on ink

or may need to be



print is faded

Verify that a black print cartridge is installed.

If the black text and images on your printouts are faded, you may be printing using
only the tri-color print cartridge. Insert a black print cartridge, in addition to the tri-
color print cartridge, for optimal black print quality.

Verify that neither of the print cartridges is

low on ink


If a print cartridge is low on ink, consider replacing the print cartridge. For the
correct part numbers, see

print cartridges


Verify that the protective piece of plastic tape has been removed from the print

1. plastic tape

Consider selecting a higher print quality.

blank pages print

The protective piece of plastic tape may still be attached to the print cartridges.
Verify that the plastic tape has been removed from the print cartridges.

The print cartridges may be

out of ink

. Replace one or both empty print cartridges.

too much or too little ink appears on the page

adjust the ink volume and dry time

1. Open the

Advanced Features

dialog box.

2. Move the

Ink Volume

slider toward





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If you increase the ink volume, move the

Dry Time

slider toward


to avoid smearing the ink.

3. Click


, then click



select a specific paper type

1. Open the

Printer Properties

dialog box.

2. Select the



3. In the

Type is

field, select an appropriate paper type. Do not select