HP Deskjet 5650 Printer series - changing default settings

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changing default settings

Use the taskbar icon to change the printer's default print settings. The default print
settings apply to all documents printed by the printer.

1. taskbar icon

using the taskbar icon shortcut menu

Follow these steps to change the printer's default settings:

1. Click the taskbar icon.


Printer Properties

dialog box appears.

2. Select the options you want to use as the default settings.

3. Click



A dialog box appears stating that the new settings will be used every time you print.
If you do not want to see this dialog box again, select

Don't show me this message



4. Click


to save the new default print settings.

default print quality


Print Quality

is set to

Use Print Quality Selector

in the printer software, use the Print

Quality Selector button to set the default print quality. For information about selecting a
print quality, click