HP Deskjet 5650 Printer series - advanced features

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advanced features

Printing photographs, transparencies, or documents with graphics may require you to set
options on the

Advanced Features

dialog box.

opening the advanced features dialog box

Follow these steps to open the

Advanced Features

dialog box:

1. Open the

Printer Properties

dialog box.

2. Click the


tab, then click the

Advanced Features


using the advanced features dialog box

Use the

Advanced Features

dialog box to set these options:


Ink Volume

: Adjusts the amount of ink printed on a page. Reducing the ink volume

reduces the color quality.


Dry Time

: Provides extra drying time for slow-drying printouts.


Low Memory Mode

: Allows a document to be printed from a computer that does

not have enough memory or disk space to print the document under normal
conditions. Using this option may reduce the quality of the printout. The



print quality mode is not available when the printer is in Low Memory Mode.